How Can Parents Use Surveillance Apps to Protect Their Kids


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Have you ever used surveillance apps to protect kids? If you haven’t, grab a seat because parenting 101 is in session.
You may have noticed that children are always on their phones these days. Be it when you are talking to them when they are eating, when they are with their friends, and, unfortunately, sometimes when they are driving. It can be rather annoying sometimes.

Since we were all kids at some point in our lives, we can all agree that at some stage, we were up to something fishy; be it trying to hide a bad grade from our parents, a secret crush we had, or even experimenting with drugs.

The common denominator with all these things is that we always tried to keep them secret. You would never have wanted your parents to find out you had a girlfriend or boyfriend in whichever grade. To be honest, back then, it was easier to hide just about anything from unforgiving parents. Parents were also stricter back then.

In this day and age, you can use your kid’s phone to find out what they are up to. Something good has finally come off their obsession with their phones.

Why you have to use Surveillance Apps to Protect Kids

While tracking phone activity can be viewed as a violation of privacy in some quarters, it is not necessarily a bad thing if it helps you protect your kids from bad things. It enables you to be a better parent because you want what’s best for them. There are ways in which you can monitor your child’s phone activity with complete anonymity. After all, they wouldn’t want to let you in on their suspicious activities. How can tracking phone activity make you a better parent? It enables you:
• Know whether they are lying: Listen to their side of the story, but this time, you have the facts.
• To know whether they are up to something dangerous/illegal
• To stay at ease: you may be worried about something that doesn’t actually exist.
• Counsel them constructively because you actually know what’s ailing them.

How to Use Hoverwatch to Monitor Your Kids

There are many apps on the market you can use to monitor your kids’ phone activity but one of them stands out when it comes to matters surveillance;
Hoverwatch. The best thing about Hoverwatch is the simplicity and ease of use. You don’t have to have deep knowledge of how phone networks work and all that mindboggling stuff. All you need is a working knowledge of how to use a smartphone. To emphasize that point, here are the three steps to take to start monitoring your child’s phone:

• Create a free Hoverwatch account online
• Install the app on the phone you want to monitor and configure it
• Log into an online interface and monitor the target phone’s activity

You need to have access to the phone so that you can install the app. Sometimes it is better when your kid doesn’t know that you are tracking them. If you want to keep your little operation secret, set the app on stealth mode.
Hoverwatch works tirelessly in the background to allow you to see what your child is doing on their phone. When the app is up and running, it gives you access to:
• Screenshots
• Calls
• Location
00 With all that information at your fingertips, you can spot trouble from a mile away.

The merits of using Hoverwatch

Unlike the stress your parents went through trying to figure out what you were up to, things are much easier now. Surveillance apps like Hoverwatch are allowing the current generation of parents to have a better idea of what the kids are doing in secret. The key advantages of using Hoverwatch to protect kids are:
• Nice interface: the user interface is simple and convenient. It allows you to effortlessly monitor your teenage son/daughter
• Easy to set up: You can now monitor your children’s phone activity in just a few easy steps.
• Stealth mode: You can do your surveillance behind the scenes. It gives you unlimited access to their activity in ways your parents would never have imagined.


Parenting in this tech-crazed world is a cakewalk. If you have always been complaining that your kids are always on their phone all day, you can use that to your advantage. With Hoverwatch, you have one of the best surveillance apps to protect kids. You can try this application on their website.