Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Which Advantages Does It Have Compared to Other Models?


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Even the most advanced and environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner during cleaning requires your direct involvement and, at times, active intervention while technologies do not stand still. And today, Robot-vacuum cleaners constitute a worthy competition for conventional models. These are high-tech devices that will bring the ideal cleanliness in the house without any of your participation. If only about 60% of the dust is removed from the floor with a conventional vacuum cleaner, then the vacuum cleaner can easily collect up to 95%.

How Does the Robot Vacuum Cleaner Look Like?

The robot vacuum cleaner is somewhat like a hockey puck, only bigger. It is a round volumetric disk with a diameter of 28-35 cm, a height of 9-13 cm and a weight of 2-3 kg. Such dimensions make it possible for the robot to clean unobstructed under beds, cabinets and other furniture, but significantly limit the size of the dust container. On the top panel of the vacuum cleaner there are control buttons for the robot and a battery indicator. A removable trash can, a docking port with a charging station, a bumper with a border sensor are located on each side of the robot. Each of the driving wheels works with its own engine.

Which Advantages Does Robot Vacuum Cleaner Have?

  • It has Wi-Fi: Among the great advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner is that it is wireless. During cleaning of the room, there are no situations when, due to the insufficient length of the cord, the vacuum cleaner cannot reach somewhere and it is necessary to look for a free outlet closer to the cleaning site. Thanks to various built-in technologies, the robot cleaner automatically moves around the apartment, automatically detects pollution and pays special attention to it during harvesting, easily sucks in small debris, dust particles, and other dirt.
  • Suitable to many kinds of floor coverings: laminate, linoleum, parquet board, ceramic tiles, plastic varieties of floors, carpeting, etc. Roomba 690 vs 890 models have a time-tested, automated layout, and a highly efficient three-stage cleaning system that provides lift and suction of dirt from any floor covering.
  • Chooses the best trajectory: With built-in optical and infrared sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner "studies" the room and calculates the optimal trajectory for high-quality cleaning. A miracle vacuum cleaner works on the battery. If it is necessary to replenish the force, the robot independently finds its way to the charging station and also independently joins it.

Today, such well-known companies as Electrolux, iRobot, Karcher, Applica, Samsung, LG, etc. are engaged in the release of various models of robotic vacuum cleaners.