One to Watch: BookNet Canada


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BookNet is a well-known non-profit organization that establishes mechanisms, standards, and principles of serving the international books industry. The organization provides publishing companies, booksellers, distributors, sales offices, and libraries across the world, but mainly in Canada, with intensive support.

Those who are interested in the Canadian and international book, it is highly recommended to sign up for a newsletter at This online resource is generous for offering free reports, exploring trends in the Canadian book market. Also, BookNet conducts an annual conference Tech Forum aiming to examine digital developments in the book publishing sector. These are only some of the things you should know about this online platform.

Making Ebooks Even More Accessible

Online publications are marked with immense potential for all categories of users. The word accessibility can also be understood as the “ability” to “access.” In this context, information access happens to be the subject to the detailed analysis. Accessibility refers to how something is organized, reviewed, read, or otherwise accessed by a user.

The advent of libros para leer gratis has also become useful to blind and other print-disabled users. Thus, they can gain access to the same books and publications as the rest of the society. Readers with print disabilities reach ebooks on PCs or mobile devices using different assistive technologies, such as screen readers, Braille displays, as well as screen magnification software.

Digital content is considered to be more flexible than hard copy. It should be reasonable to refer to assistive technologies to read the text out loud with or without seeing the screen. The user should be able to navigate easily and focus on the context of the content. It should be possible for users to amend the palette and adjust the text to the page.

After all, accessibility is dependent on your digital device and software that can be integrated. While needs tend to change with the development of new technologies, the familiarity of younger people in working with them gets more obvious.

Accessibility as the Way of Improving Publisher’s Image

People will like you if you make a post according to the accessibility measures. A clear devotion to accessibility can show that a business has a serious interest in Corporate Social Responsibility. Committing to a sustainable, inclusive marketing and employment routine, you can get a number of benefits, such as enhanced brand image and reputation, growing sales, as well as customer loyalty.