BookNet Canada: Audiobook Selling Demonstrates Little Change in Recent Years


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According to a consumer survey conducted by BookNet Canada leer libros online gratis across the formats demonstrated a light decline in 2019 compared to the previous year. While the main part of the world thinks positively about audiobooks and their sales growth, the Canadian industry has less optimistic considerations. It’s worth noting, however, that the relayed data is taken not from point-of-sale monitoring but from yearlong consumer reports.

The use of audiobooks

BookNet Canada supplies statistical support to the English-language Canadian book sector. According to their report in 2019, 5% of book purchases in Canada went to audiobooks last year, which is more than in the previous year. At the same time, hardcover book sales were estimated at 24% of the market’s purchases, which is less than in the previous year. Do more people listen than read today?

Media messaging indicates that there could be some under-reporting in the audiobook industry. This is because 26% of audiobooks are acquired through subscriptions, meaning that online respondents may not have viewed them to be standard purchases.

BookNet collected all the relevant information for daily and monthly report by asking consumers rather than publishing industry representatives. BookNet Canada relies on an online survey of adults, English-language book purchasers in Canada, asking respondents about book selling. The whole process is conducted on a monthly basis, so that respondents can answer questions about their previous month’s routine.

Flat Online Sales

Online channels addressed by BookNet involves the sites, ebook and audio downloads, and mobile apps. These channels make up around 50% of book purchases in 2019. In the case of physical channels, such as chain stores, private stores, general retailers, discount offices, and grocery manufacturers, almost 49% of purchases were reported.

BookNet Canada also collects transaction-based information for print sales in the Canadian English-language trade book industry through BNC SalesData. According to the research and analysis of 2019’s print market, the book distribution is about to be released at a later date in the organization’s annual report. Meanehile, some of BookNet Canada’s reported and reviews are available for purchase and can be found on the Interent.