Laptop Screen Repair: Affordable and Easy


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One of the most common issues that will force you into a laptop upgrade whether you like it or not is a cracked, broken or malfunctioning screen. Given the price drop over the past few years, dependable laptops for surfing the net as well as basic word processing functions can be had for as little as $300-350 most people will simply buy a new machine and just move on if they break a screen or run into any major hardware issues like charging ports or screen hinges. What they may not know though, is that replacing an LCD screen on your two year old laptop is actually more affordable and convenient than you may think.

Finding A PC Repair Shop Here In Brampton, ON

Most PC repair shops here in Brampton keep a healthy stock of 14-17″ laptop replacement screens and despite what you might think most of these parts are not very expensive and usually OEM. This basically means that the 15″ display on my Acer laptop is the same hardware that can be found on your HP laptop so finding specific parts is not quite as hard. Furthermore, installation is relatively straight forward so you don’t have to be without your laptop for long – usually a few hours depending on which shop you bring it to and how busy they are with other customer’s jobs.

Don’t bring your broken laptop to us or just anyone in Brampton though – thorough online research can save you time and weed out the potentially shady businesses who you should probably avoid. Just like looking at Yelp reviews before going to a restaurant, looking online for past customer experiences can give you peace of mind and ultimately avoid a painfully inconvenient experience. In terms of pricing, we always recommend checking out eBay or give us a call for the pricing of your specific laptop repair just so you have a general idea of how much the parts themselves cost. Of course you can always buy the parts yourself and find a tutorial online – many people have done this successfully and saved themselves the price and time involved in the labour. However if you want the convenience of a warranty and professional laptop repair technicians working on your machine go ahead and call up your local Brampton computer repair shop. Add to this that your service and parts are covered by a full warranty in most cases, and the obvious decision is to stay local and get the job done quicker.