How to Create an Animated Explainer Video that Will Work?


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If you want to increase the conversion of the site, prolong the stay of a potential client on the Internet resource by 2 times, and have a video that fits practically for any platform, pay attention to such a relatively new but already unusually popular advertising video format as an explainer- a short video that tells customers about the main features of goods or services. You should create a video that will teach and entertain viewers, and give them useful information.

What are the Distinctive Features of Animation and Whiteboard Explainers?

  • An animated explainer video is the most common type of explainers. Most often, they are used to explain the unique characteristics of services or intangible goods (something like software or finance).
  • A whiteboard explainer or a doodle video. This format is distinguished by visual simplicity and minimalism. Although, on the other hand, it is not so easy to make static single-color images tell a fascinating and informative story. It is important is to work hard on the idea and the plot.

How Do Animated Videos Work?

  • Use motion
  • Evoke emotion
  • Combine live action with animation
  • Influence to buy product/use service
  • Let people know you exist

The Must-Steps You Should Take to Get a Video that Works

In order for your explainer, regardless of the format chosen, to be successful, several important points must be considered and simple rules followed.

  • Audience analysis: The standard procedure is the invariable initial stage preceding the immediate production. Without a compiled portrait of the audience, without a thorough analysis of its needs, problems and desires, making a video that will cause the necessary reaction and become effective is almost impossible.
  • Creation of a plot and a script. You can write the script yourself, or turn to professionals. The latter option is preferable.

How to Structure an Explainer Video the Right Way?

If you decide to create the script yourself, then try to follow this guide to make a video:

  • Short presentation of goods or services
  • Introduction of a problem that is relevant to the consumer
  • Troubleshoot your product or service
  • Call to action

It is most often placed either on home page or sales page of the site. Using such video content increases the conversion of the site by over 100%. It is also believed that 85% of people are more likely to make a purchase or become a consumer of the service, if before making a decision, they will watch an animated video.