Can Cybersports Be Considered Real Sport?


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This question has for more than a decade generated very long and controversial arguments both on the Internet and in real discussions. As a rule, the dispute is between representatives of the older generation, and those who were born since the 1980s. These people are familiar with computers since youth, and with the passage of time the percentage of computer technology involvement in our lives is growing.

The issue of eSports is fundamental, and every day, the number of virtual sports supporters and is growing. Let's try and give an answer to this question. More precisely, the answer is positive, the question is more likely as: what males eSports the sport?

Recognition of eSports in the World

The first issue is the official recognition of e-sports as one of the sports. For a long time South Korea and KeSPA have been lobbied for attempts to introduce e-sports into the program of the Olympics, but so far mass support has not had such an opinion. So, e-sports, as of the present moment, is recognized as the official sport in 46 countries-members of the IeSF (International Federation of Computer Sport), as well as in the USA and Canada. The process of registration as a sport is launched in France and Poland.

If you look at the list of countries, you can note a logical thing: in countries where e-sports is developed and has sufficient weight in society, it is either already registered as a sport or is registered. In Mexico, the lack of recognition of e-sports as a sport can be attributed to a lack of e-sports culture; in Turkey - on the features of religion and state; justification of Britain and Germany - the lack of a large number of top professional e-sportsmen.

Despite the fact that in about fifty countries eSports is an official sport, its mass culture in many states, as such, is absent. The real fans of eSports are in the CIS, Poland, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the United States and Canada, South Korea, China, France, Romania. And in other countries wide steps are not being taken to popularize e-sports, it does not have enough support in the society but this is a temporary situation, which is gradually changing.

Of course, eSports as the classical sport does not require such a huge physical exertion, like football or basketball, but, for example, the speed of reaction is important. But if you judge only on the physical component - then curling with darts cannot be called full-fledged sports. In terms of analytical activity and decision-making - conditional Dota 2 will give odds to chess!